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Membene is renowned for regular visits from our local elephant population among other wildlife and bird life. The beach is calm and protected, really safe for swimming at low tide, at high tide there’s a strong side wash which shouldn’t be a problem for any abled swimmer. Boats can be launched there, but we don’t recommend it due to the shallow sand bar. Research has shown it’s one of the highest densities of turtle nesting in the world. Snorkeling at low tide is an unforgettable experience.

What you need to know when going to
Ponta Membene

 Address- Reserva Especial deMaputo (Maputo Special Reserve), Ponta Membene

Rules & Regulations

Welcome to Ponta Membene Bush Lodge! We hope you have a memorable and enjoyable stay. To ensure your stay goes smoothly, please take note of the following information:

Getting to Ponta Membene

  • A 4x4 is a must to have access to the Reserve.

  • Please use the Futi gate, not the Gala gate (temporarily closed)

  • Our rates do not include the park fees.

  • Please follow the small yellow arrows to get to Ponta Membene.

  • Let down your tires and switch off the ABS.

Booking Information

  • Bookings must be done prior to arrival.

  • We do not accept payments in cash.

  • Receipts from the booking must be presented at the gate.

  • We require a 1000 MZN key deposit in cash for the chalets in case of key loss, which is given back on check out.

  • Our rates do not include park fees.

Reserve Information

  • The Reserve is open from 06:00AM to 6:00PM (October to March) and from 07:00AM to 5:00PM (April to September).

  • Always be aware and alert for dangerous wild animals, at all times.

  • No littering is allowed.

  • Drinking at the beach is illegal.

  • It is prohibited to make fire at the beach.

  • No pets are allowed.

  • There is no phone signal.

Accommodation Information

  • There are no air conditioning units in the chalets, only fans.

  • There are no mosquito nets available.

  • No music is allowed.

  • No walking around the lodge during the night.

  • The Restaurant is not available at the moment.

  • In case of power failure, we have a backup generator.

  • The generator switches off at 10:00PM.

  • We have limited Wi-Fi available at Reception, Restaurant and Lapa.

  • We have a pool available in the lodge, but no lifeguards available.

Camp Information

  • The camps that can take trailers are: 1A and 1B.

  • Camps that can take rooftop tents are: 1A ,1B ,2,4 e 7.

  • Camp that can take caravans is: 1A.

  • Camps that cannot take trailers, rooftop tents and caravans are: 3,5,6 e 8.

  • Minimum no. of people for Camp 8 is 10 (peak season) and 8 (low season).

  • Minimum no. of people for the rest of the camps is 10 (peak season)   and 2 (low season).

  • All Camp sites have ablutions, kitchen and fire pit, please bring your own grill, drinkable water and enough food.

  • Please, bring your own firewood.

  • Waste food must be placed in a separate blue dustbin provided at each camp/unit. The food waste will go to the bio digester to produce gas for cooking.

We hope you have a pleasant stay at Ponta Membene. Remember to take only memories with you and leave only footprints!

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